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Tips For The Recovery Of Your Natural Singing Voice

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5 months ago
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Who taught you to sing, or hum that note? Our question goes to you all! You may take a moment and then boom all your answers will be pouring in like singers on the telly or the good old radio, or as nowadays on the internet or just listening to someone hum that you then looked up on the internet. Unless you're a singer, a musician or an acapella, you couldn't create one. That thing you hum or play as beats while tapping your fingers or even sing in your highest and most musical voice while in the bathroom, traces back to what your mind remembered. At any time you find it matching your vibe, you start jamming to it.

Even the aspiring singers, when they kick-start their career, they do it by singing what the prolific singers of their time or before have offered them. They don't have a choice. They must express their music through that. It's good and bad both. Good in a sense that an aspiring singer tests himself to sing the different notes and compares himself to the established pros. And bad, in a sense that it tends to take away the originality that resides within every aspiring singer. They restrict themselves to the notes and the intonation that singers have implied in those songs, hence adapt themselves into singing those songs the same way. While it depicts the ability of an aspiring singer to camouflage to different voices, it clouds their voice, their identity. Who knows you could be the next someone on the billboards and your song the next jam for the many others to be hooked upon. And this is why your originality must be preserved. Here are our tips for the recovery of your natural singing voice.

Hum before you voice it

You need to warm up your natural voice before trying the lyrics of any song. Try playing a tune and hum arbitrary words/lyrics to it before you speak them out. This way you'll avoid the singer-specific notes that they touch when you sing their songs. As you repeat such exercises before voicing any song, you start to shake up your lost voice to bring it back to life and there you go.

Sing along with the unfamiliar voices

Every singer has a specific singing eloquence which is characteristic of him/her and repeatedly features in their works. As you familiarise yourself with a specific singer, you assimilate their pattern of singing and incorporate it in yours thus losing your originality. So the next time, as a practice to regain your voice try singing songs of those whose albums haven't piled up on your desk. This way you'll find your natural voice.

Avoid making facial expressions

As you watch and listen to singers in their music videos and from their recording studios, you tend to copy the expressions to produce the same effect and eventually blend in their style. To avoid this, try singing with a restrained expression until you've regained your sound. Of course, we don't want you to look creepy, you can always try smiling when required. Again, we don't want you smiling while singing an elegy hence portraying yourself as a sadist. These are the exercises that you do as a part of your warm-ups sessions and that too at your comfort. When in public, try being as expressive as you can. Putting these practices to use, you might be able to regain your lost voice i.e. your natural voice that somehow got lost against the pressures of fame.

Of course, your obliviated voice can be regained by extensively practising the above mentioned easy techniques. Some diploma programs also operate to help you become the best singer by providing training and exposure to opportunists where you get to practice your skills and learn at the same time. Some renowned faces like, Moris Talent Hunt channel the artist within you to help you become the best version of yourself.

Written By: Ms. Nawsheen

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