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3 months ago
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Had actors envisioned acting as the mere display of non-musical skills that have only to do with voicing dialogues, we would have been oblivious to the musicals like Les Miserables, Beauty and the Beast, La la Land, etc. Actors from the Hollywood industry like Anna Kendrick, Emma Watson, Emma Stone, or those from the Bollywood industry like Priyanka Chopra, Salman Khan, Alia Bhatt, etc have left a sense of awe among us audiences with their exquisite singing skills. Of course, their mesmerising singing didn't pop up suddenly. These are the actors who were equipped with the dual traits of singing apart from acting from the very beginning. Their capabilities at treasuring it along with a tactful approach to present it on the big screen resulted in their enhanced appeal. Not only do these multi-talented professionals find reservations for musicals, but these actors can also kickstart their musical career with it as well or even manoeuvre their acting to become the professional singers of tomorrow. Well, that's the forte can claim for tending these two unique features of their personality. The goodies don't just stop there. Once you recognise your singing skills and work to develop them, they reward you in other ways as well. Let's understand the perks of an actor who can sing as well.


Your range of voice increases:

Taking voice improvement classes to strike the different intonations boosts your otherwise narration skills. You become more fluent in switching between different tones.


The lure of the voice:

Having a wider skill set naturally boosts your confidence. Besides, a mesmerising voice sure catches the eye. You become identifiable by your characteristic voice.


Your appeal to get cast increases:

Now you're an actor as well as a singer. Hence a stepped up résumé to pursue a wider range of projects. You can now apply to the roles of acting and singing both together as well as separately hence chances at booking roles in general besides having better prospects at earning increases.


Besides, nowadays it isn't that difficult for actors to produce music if they're ready to invest in it. The digitalisation of music and the technique of auto-tuning can refine the original version of a degree that will in literal sense correspond to bring music to the ears.  Now it most certainly doesn't mean that actors who fall far out of the category of singers should weave dreams of becoming singers. It doesn't put you at risk to master a single skill only but it can be stressful to distribute your focus if you aren't very skilful in other arts. You can be an actor only or a singer only and be successful at it. But it won't be a bad idea to experiment what interests you. An intelligent way to do so is getting yourself counselled and then undertaking these new roles. You could also register yourself at some acting class and undergo a proper personality development course to help you better understand your talents. A third perspective and the right mentorship will always prove beneficial.

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