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How to answer, -Tell me about yourself

Placeholder Moris Talent Hunt
5 months ago
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How often have you come across interview questions like this? Well for a person actively looking for a job, a lot of times for sure. You being here going through this article also narrates your curiosity in finding whatever can be helpful when you're in an interview or an audition and besides any other technical interview questions they can put, they ask, 

"So, Tell me about yourself?"

Trust me if you've not come across this question, you will be blabbering and utterly confused if you attend an interview or an audition without really expecting this to be asked.

The interview questions of this sort themselves can be justified with varied answers but only a few of them find relevance with your interview or audition panel.  In the entertainment business, you will mess it up if you come reciting your résumé to them especially if you haven't even gone through it yourself in the first place. So why not choose one or two specific things to talk about. Something about your experiences, your passions, your activities that are special to you in addition to that mentioned on your mundane application form. Your résumé has had its impression in bringing you to the table. Now tell them about yourself and what makes you passionate or charming and therefore stand out. Even a reciprocated résumé will classify you as ordinary especially if the company revolves around the niche of creativity and artistic. In a professional interview on the other hand, the question demands a very up-to-date, strictly undeviated answer that we are to skip for now. Our sole interest being in answering this question in the perspective of an audition. So, here is a list of a few things you can talk about when answering this audition question i.e.,  "Tell me about yourself?":

  1. "I love travelling and meeting new people.." and then narrating any of the travel experiences you want. Keep it less boring though.

  2. I have an inclination for writing, story telling, painting, animal care etc and then mentioning anything specific you achieved under this order.

  3. I have indulged in one/many national, international and community programs that have been goal oriented.

Try to sound as entertaining as possible. Obviously these narrations have to be real life based as you'll notice that narrating facts that actually happened have more fluency with you than creating them. You won't have to worry about their genuineness. Moreover, the casting director, the agent or the manager hiring you needs to feel your vibe hence the need for this type of an audition question asked in the auditions.  


Another important thing to remember while answering this audition question is to avoid bringing  in any negative information about you. Make it all about your impressive traits and how you intend to lure in positivity while working with them.

So try to have at least two or three compilations ready and prepared in your mind. Rehearse them as much as you can, with your friends, peers, family or even with yourself in the mirror. As you become more fluent in it, the next time they surprise you with an audition question like, "Tell me about yourself?" you'll know better how to deal with it.

Another way to groom yourself in terms of being interview ready is finding the right institution to guide you in this regard. Certain, renowned acting diploma courses under top personality development agencies help in grooming the personality that interview panels look for.

Written By: Ms. Nawsheen

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