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Everything To Look Forward To MORIS FASHION WEEK 2021

Placeholder Simar Bedi
4 weeks ago
Reading Time: 3 Mins

Pop hues. Quirky prints. Traditional classics. Ultra-chic silhouettes. Vibrant runways. Iconic designers. Celebrity showstoppers.

Sounds like a big fashion extravaganza?

Yes, you guessed it right!

This August, one of the best fashion events is all set to roll ( and we’re here for it). With a bag full of trends & spotlight, Moris Fashion Week Delhi will be in action from August 20 to August 22 with a promising line-up of glamorous celebrities, intriguing designers, talented makeup artists, hairstylists, fashion stylists, VIP guests, dazzling models, social media influencers- All under ONE roof!

Put on your best dresses, grab a drink and take a seat on the front row because here’s everything in-store at Moris Fashion Week August 2021.


  • Gen Next Shows

In this fashion week, the spread of fashion shows over 3 days would welcome the fashion fraternity - stalwarts and new entrants alike who will come together to showcase their immense talent and craftsmanship with stunning looks and vibrant runways.

  • Shop till you drop

There would be designers and brands selling signature & iconic collections with the most standout trends. To support designers, artisans, and the business of fashion, you can directly shop all around the day. So, get ready to grab the ramp’s best-selling designs. 

Apart from shows, what’s on the agenda?

  • Experts Lounge

A chance to explore new perspectives of different experts, insights, valuable connections in the 3 day series of workshops and talks by fashion industry professionals.

  • Makeovers & Interactions

Now, this might sound exciting to you as visitors can meet up for casual talks, try instant makeovers and consultations with makeup artists and hairstylists and can have chats about the latest trends and products.

  • Celebrity Showstoppers

All good shows end with a BANG! Moris Fashion Week will leave no behind as the glamorous celebrity showstoppers would bring the show to a complete halt with their dazzling looks and killing walks down the ramp!

  • Media Coverage & Advertising

There would be an exclusive platform for post-show brand endorsements, media interviews, sessions, and discussions with celebrities, designers, models, international guests, makeup artists, stylists, and many more.

As the countdown begins, The 3-days of Moris Fashion Week will have 3 enterprising slots:

Morning Maven

The Morning Maven will span from 10:30 am to 1:00 pm which will include brands, sponsors showcasing their products and services via exhibition.  There would be fashion talk shows where various influencers, bloggers, designers would share insights about their launch and latest trends. It will be open to the general public.

Afternoon Allure

In Afternoon Allure which will start at 2:00 pm, the exhibition would continue along with the fashion talk show. Additionally, there would be a ramp show in which the entry would be allowed by invites only till 4:00 pm.

Evening Emphasis

In Evening Emphasis, here’s what you can expect: the exhibition, ramp show, and fashion talk show would continue just like the afternoon allure. It will start from 6:30 pm and lasts till 11:00 pm.

Open to all, MFW will host an amalgamation of fresh, new talent along with some of the biggest names in fashion that will set an unparalleled benchmark in innovation, sustainability, and creativity. Moreover, it endeavors to expose the fashion conscious to the latest fashion trends domestically as well from across the globe.

Written By: Simar Bedi

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