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Daily workout exercises for dancers

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5 months ago
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Dancing is all about channeling the body stamina into well balanced and coordinated moves. A dancer's body needs to be fit, toned, and flexible and this depends on a variety of factors. The food you eat, the workouts you perform, and the self-consciousness about yourself to a great extent determine how rhythmic and composed your dance routines are. Not to mention the associated bad health that may result from an unhealthy lifestyle which could jeopardize your dancing career. But hey losers are whiners are you aren't one of them. Coming your way are your top daily workout exercises to beat the lethargy out of you and get those hooves tipping!

  1. Burpees: A great way to employ your upper body and lower body both is doing Burpees. It is a high-intensity full body workout to tone your arms, chest, quads, glutes, hamstrings, or even the core. Our suggestion: go for 3 sets of 6 reps interrupted by a 90-second rest. This exercise is a great way to warm up your body to engage in extensive tireless and comprehensive dance routines.
  2. Cardio: Another necessary workout to last longer and practice harder in dance routines is cardio. Cardio ups your circulation, increasing your alertness and stamina at the same time. A daily dose of at least 15 minutes is good to charge your body for the day's hustle. Whether you engage in skipping, jumping, swimming, or running your cardio is counted checked for your body to deal with the day.
  3. Squats: The next workout in line is doing squats. This workout apart from toning your lower body and hips would strengthen your muscles and grant you the toughness to carry out exhaustive leg work and movements. Three sets of 10 reps a day are fine to mark your decent squat workout.
  4. Glute Bridges: A butt-lift exercise to tone your glutes, hamstrings, and core is performing the Glute Bridges. This workout will tame your hips to perform dance moves at ease while influencing the leg work in a good way too. A daily session of 3 sets of 12 reps each is adequate to charge your lower body for efficient dance moments.
  5. Skaters: Another exercise for the glute, hips, and calves are the Skaters are aimed at improving your muscle endurance, coordination, balance, and in turn rendering more body awareness. This is a great workout to make your moves smooth and make them seem effortless. A three-set lasting 30 seconds each will check out your last basic dance exercise for the day.


Of course, it is easy to go through literature or even watch youtube videos to gain inspiration but it all makes sense once you bring these workouts to a punctual routine. Eat healthy foods and exert your body to its bearing capacity to yield qualitative results. Work hard and dream big.


Written By: Ms. Nawsheen

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