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15 most important items in a dancer's duffle bag

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5 months ago
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Wish we always had a Doraemon by our side, I wouldn't say genie because he could only grant three wishes. Being self-sufficient is such a bliss. Whatever may come, you're ready with your resources to deal with it. Holds for any situation. Remember the duffle bag you took to every hike or outing that you had, it necessarily contained a water bottle to keep you hydrated, raincoat to deal with the unpredictable rains, and extra food bar to deal with your hunger pangs. Of course, in absence of any of these necessities, you'd appear miserable and tiresome hence would affect your adventure you could enjoy otherwise. On a similar vibration, every activity demands preparedness. Hold for your artistic projects as well. Just because it feels like a hobby being pursued doesn't mean, you can be shabby with your preparations. Now the needs may vary from situation to situation or gender to gender and that's why you must brace yourself with stuff that might become a necessity later on. 

Be it acting, singing, dancing or modelling auditions or performances, a performer must always have a self-sufficient duffle bag to house their needs on the run. A dancer's bag, in particular, must contain these 15 items and they must be renewed from time to time.

Your Dance shoes: 

Yes, that footwear, you put on during your dance sessions. Of course, you don't have to wear them out from your casual travel. They must be class limited and thus timely brusher and dusted neatly packed in your spacious duffle bag. Dance shoes vary from dance to dance depending upon your expertise like the jazz sneakers or your basic ballet slippers, you need have them with you all the time.


It includes extra tights, leotards, and warm-ups that allow you to be flexible at the same time confident to strike the moves and the stretches. Of course, we mean an extra pair to counter any mishap like shredding, staining, or wetting due to excessive sweating. Besides, it can help you beat the cold as well.

Hairdressing tools:

A hairbrush, clutches, hairbacks and scrunchies are a must to help you counter the pressure of rehearsals. The same hair length that you appreciate when going out can become a nuisance when you're working yourself hence need a proper alternative.

Toilet Kit: 

It includes everything from the sanitary napkins to wet wipes and face scrubs, towels and a tooth-brush for the go. Include your dry clean towel with it. Things that keep you fresh and non-sweaty on the go.

First Aid: 

It includes the basic first aid like band-aids, scissors, antiseptic wipes and antibiotic ointments to deal with any untoward incident. Besides muscle relaxants, sprays can always come handy.

Makeup kit:

A dab of glow and with a symmetrical eyeliner is what every girl strives for. Affiliating it with your confidence level defines its importance. Sometimes the smudge needs attention and other times, you need a mere moisturiser to help your skin from decaying and as a dancer, you must watch out for your skin and scalp because you literally have to be out there facing the audience.

Refreshing kit: 

It includes body fresheners, deos, colognes to make you appear fresh and fragrant amidst the dance routines and workout sessions.

Mouth Fresheners:

Nobody likes a stinky pee. It's therefore advised to make yourself as appealing as possible. Making yourself smell nice is one way to be welcomed to stay and be affiliated with.

Water bottle:

You cannot miss out on this literal life saviour. Now that would be an exaggeration if we're just talking about the duration you are performing but you do need to be hydrated to perform well in the present and the future as well.  Besides, liquid rejuvenates you enough to keep your dance engine working properly.

Food bar and snacks:

Your handy, compact food should always find space in your duffle bag. A protein bar, a salad or sandwich, anytime to beat the pangs of hunger at the same time not making you act like a mooch.

Dancing Portfolio on the go:

Yes, you heard us right. Your headshots attached to your résumé should always be accompanied by you in your dance routines. You never know who you may run into and thus finalise your next gig.

Umbrella or Raincoat:

Another tool to make you avoid looking shabby or gooey is getting your raincoat or if you're too diva, get an umbrella for the rainy days. 

A plastic, waterproof bag:

To hold your sweaty, soiled towel, umbrella or any other clothing, you should carry a plastic waterproof bag to avoid damage or sabotage to other stuff in your bag like your resume, the edibles or the other kits within.

Notepad and pen: 

Your phone's battery may run out and you might need to have a contingency plan to note down instructions or contact details of people who find interest in your career. You're going to need the traditional tools- a pen and paper for that.

Leisure material:

You have to be prepared for the mundane periods hence equip yourself with instruments of involvement like books, sketches, notebooks or other means that keep you entertained.


Equipped with these, you're now like a self-sufficient artistic machine. You naturally appear more peaceful and confident knowing you have everything you are ever going to need. Now the thing that remains is to deliver your best performance when ideal conditions are set. You can learn other things about dancing and setting up a portfolio by registering with the top casting agencies like Backstage and Moris Talent Hunt, where guidelines like these are imbibed in the online classes that they conduct so that nothing except your indolence can stop you from achieving excellence.

Written By: Ms. Nawsheen

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